Ever since AMD announced its combined CPU/GPU Fusion microprocessor along with the acquisition of ATI in 2006, the company has abstained from discussing the chip in detail. But as always there are those willing to spill the beans and, having spoken with their "industry sources," TG Daily has managed to get some details from them on the forthcoming chip.

According to the report, the first Fusion processor is code-named Shrike and will consist of a dual-core Phenom CPU and AMD's next-gen RV800 GPU core - though Shrike was originally rumored to debut as a combination of a dual-core Kuma CPU, RV710-based graphics unit, and an integrated DDR3 memory controller.

The chips will be DirectX 10.1 compliant and are likely to debut using 40nm process technology from TSMC - which was introduced earlier this year. The processor is scheduled to make a transition to 32nm in 2010, and should further help AMD compete in the notebook market thanks to the integration of CPU and GPU which translates to smaller form factors.