Hmm... this sounds pretty interesting indeed. I've always liked something about Macs (definitely not its price), while I wouldn't replace my PC for one, it'd make a very nice secondary rig for using on weekends :D... What's the real intention behind all this, still has to be seen.

Nevertheless, these observers report that Apple has been serious enough about its ace in the hole to seed a few lucky civilians with prototype boxes - delivered heavily swaddled in layers of cloak-and-dagger security, natch. Specifically, recent testers report taking delivery of Athlon-powered boxes that Apple had assiduously welded shut to prevent prying eyes from ogling whatever other gremlins might be lurking inside these nondescript beige chassis.

On the software side, the mystery units have been stocked with current versions of Mac OS X as well as several application packages in various states of preparedness, including versions of Apple's Final Cut Pro video-editing software and "a popular, Mac OS X-only browser." While the applications exhibited a few rough edges, eyewitnesses attest, FCP "flew" on the AMD box compared with its performance on current PowerPC hardware.