It's being rumoured that NVIDIA's upcoming GPU name is [URL=]GeForceFX[/URL] (NV30), while a few different names have been hinted in the past, looks like NVIDIA is more likely to preserve their GeForce brand name and promote it as such.

nForce 2 cards finally making it into the retail channel; [URL=]The Inq[/URL] reports boards from different manufacturers are being distributed in limited quantities with prices ranging from $130 to $200.

If you are into some pricegrabbing, you will find [URL=]ASUS' boards on stock[/URL] selling for $145.

UT2003 has never played so smoothly on a notebook... Anandtech has got their hands on the [URL=]GeForce4 4200 Go[/URL], though not exactly performing like its desktop counterpart, it sure gets close, beating the Mobility Radeon 9000 by a considerable margin.

Also in case you missed an earlier post by Thomas, a trial version of [URL=]NVDVD[/URL] is being distributed on NVIDIA's official site; I haven't tested this software before but I will sure give it a try and see how it compares against other popular decoders such as PowerDVD and WinDVD... I suppose future cards (NV30, etc) are more likely to be bundled with this instead of 3rd party apps.