Nvidia is making good on its promise to bring full PhysX and CUDA support to certain GeForce cards. Starting today, owners of GeForce 8, 9, and 200-series cards are all getting the aforementioned feature via new WHQL-certified drivers and a "GeForce Power Pack" that contains a free full copy of Warmonger, three PhysX-enabled Unreal Tournament 3 maps, plus a handful of tech and game demos.

This is the first of many planned power packs that have the purpose to get GeForce card owners interested in PhysX acceleration for video games and interactive entertainment. According to Nvidia, in the PhysX-enabled levels of Unreal Tournament 3, the GeForce 9800 GTX+ runs 180% faster than on the AMD Radeon HD 4850. The CUDA applications, game demos and PhysX mods and WHQL drivers are available for download here.