As if the much-publicized laptop chips fiasco hasn't caused Nvidia enough trouble already, reports are now emerging that the previous batch of bad GPUs may be only part of a more widespread problem. Specifically, The Inquirer claims that not only all of Nvidia's G84 and G86 graphics processors are in fact defective but also the newer G92 and G94 parts.

The site alleges four unspecified board partners are seeing "G92 and G94 chips going bad in the field at high rates." If true, that would mean all of the GeForce 8800 GT, GTS and GS desktop cards, the mobile 8800s, and most of the 9600 and 9800 series graphics cards are defective. It would also mean trouble for board partners who would have to cope with warranty replacements and recalls, and for Nvidia which has attempted to downplay the impact of the notebook problems.

Needless to say, you should take this as a rumor for now. The Inquirer isn't exactly the most reliable site on the net but they often do well with graphics related news. Nvidia of course says the story is "completely groundless," but if failures are really as widespread as the report claims then we should hear about them sooner rather than later.