New 'Checkpoint Friendly' Laptop Bag Procedures Starting Aug. 16, TSA will allow laptops to remain in bags meeting new 'checkpoint friendly' guidelines. Not all laptop bags are 'checkpoint friendly' (see images). TSA.

U2 Tracks Leak After Bono Plays Stereo Too Loudly Four songs from U2's upcoming album 'No Line On The Horizon' have been leaked online after Bono played them too loudly on his stereo - and a fan recorded them. TorrentFreak.

Intel Fesses up to G45 Performance Issues Intel launched its G45 chipset featuring its latest integrated graphics only a few weeks ago. So far, the response to the chipset and motherboards using the chipset has been a mixed bag by Intel's own admission. DailyTech.

Infineon chip causing problems on iPhone An Infineon chip could be at the root of complaints from around the world that Apple Inc's new iPhone drops calls and has unpredictable Internet links, according to a research report from Nomura. Reuters.

Hunters claim to have nabbed Bigfoot, Internet goes nuts A couple of hunters in northern Georgia claim to have found a carcass of the legendary creature known as Bigfoot. Their web site,, proceeded to crash under bandwidth pressures.