Since tech companies began developing industry certifications, an arguably larger industry has cropped up dedicated to helping people study for and pass these exams. It ranges from courses, online or otherwise, to study books, practice exams and, apparently, outright giving people the answers. The latter is what has earned the ire of Microsoft, who has sued a site that was directly selling answers to questions found on various Microsoft certifications.

The company, Pass4sure, prided itself on their namesake - making sure you passed the certification in question. Their method was to apparently actually sell the questions and answers to the test, which defeats the purpose of taking it in the first place. They went so far as to offer refunds to those who don't pass, a claim that the majority of companies selling test preparations do not make.

At the moment, the company has apparently been served an injunction and is complying. If they truly are outright selling answers, Microsoft took the right step. Given the enormous number of other sites who sell preparation exams, they definitely went above and beyond what Microsoft finds acceptable.