The eagerly anticipated third installment of the Fallout series, being crafted by Bethesda, is due for release this October. Too long to wait for some, but a few lucky fans at PAX this week will get a chance to get some early play. Bethesda has stated that they will have a total six kiosks setup which they will offer for play, showing off the still in-development title.

Hopefully at least a few reviewers will get a chance to tinker with it and give the rest of us an idea of how the game is feeling so far. With the release date only a few months away, it should be a fairly accurate picture.

They'll also be hosting a public demo and other content, all in an attempt to generate more interest and hype on the game. The title has a lot to live up to, but so far Bethesda has responded warmly to the existing fan base. This includes working to remain true to the Fallout nature, which sometimes includes controversial content. I am certainly looking forward to release day.