Intel's relatively new Atom platform is proving to be very popular with vendors, if not so much with individual consumers. While it is too early to really predict how far Atom will go, it is getting a lot of hardware suppliers excited enough to offer it in numerous facets. Recently, a few "bare-bones" Atom systems have started to surface. One of the first of these was spotted just last week, when an MSI barebones Atom system went up for sale.

Now it has been revealed that Shuttle will be offering several barebone Atom systems as well, including the X27 and the K58. The former will be ideal, Shuttle believes, as an Internet-accessing device and office platform. The K58, on the other hand, is aimed more at being "budget-oriented" with the company pitching it simply as a vanilla platform.

Exact release dates for the systems aren't mentioned, though they are expected in September.