The Xbox 360 Arcade unit is about to officially become the least expensive current-gen console in Japan. During a media event held in Tokyo today, Xbox Japan general manager Takashi Sensui announced that starting September 11 the bare-bones Arcade unit will be priced at 19,800 yen - which translates to about $183.

This makes Microsoft's Xbox 360 the first current-gen console to dip under the $200 level. In addition, the company will also reduce the price of its two more expensive units; a new model equipped with a 60GB drive will be priced at 29,000 yen ($275) and the Elite is getting a price reduction to 39,800 yen ($367). While the 360 is still struggling in Japan - with total unit sales of 684,695 compared to the Wii with 6.67 million units and the PlayStation 3 at 2.32 million units, according to Enterbrain - the move certainly has the potential to improve Microsoft's status in the region.