New pricing information for upcoming AMD cards has been revealed. Unsurprisingly, AMD is keeping the pressure on Nvidia, with the price tags for all the cards coming in below comparable Nvidia offerings. The RV710-based cards, with 256MB of GDD3 memory, might hit shelves with a price tag lower than $50, perhaps even lower than $40. A GDDR2 model is expected to be even cheaper.

It's clear that this model at this price point is an attack on Nvidia's recent introduction of the 9400GT, which has retail tags in the $60 range. When prices get this low, performance differences are often overlooked as these cards are pitched at very low-cost machines. Still, the latest set of Radeons have had no difficulty in keeping up with Nvidia. It will be a real blow to Nvidia if this low-cost card also outperforms the 9400GT.