After learning about Nvidia's refund plan for defective mobile GPUs, I received some information from them regarding specifics. Nvidia hasn't released much information regarding their GPU failures, so it was quite interesting. From the information received, it seems that Nvidia has prepared for this.

For one, the company has set aside $200 million to handle any issues that come up due to the defective GPUs, which they believe is enough - meaning they won't have to drain their bank accounts any further to deal with the issue. They also clarified that these issues are specific to mobile GPUs, and they have not seen any instances where the same failures are appearing on desktop systems.

What was most interesting was how they are reacting to questions about how widespread the issue is. They mentioned, quite bluntly, that they are limited in how much information they have or can reveal. This, they say, is due to how complex the situation is - failures can occur from a myriad of reasons and depend upon the exact environment the GPU finds itself in. The information was interesting, but doesn't help the fact that it is obvious this entire ordeal has been a massive setback for the company.