In a (very) slight setback to Linux desktop adoption, Lenovo, owner of the ThinkPad line, has decided to remove the ability for home users to opt for Linux over Windows on their notebooks. The ThinkPads have been offered with a stock Linux option for a while now to those who wish to avoid paying for Windows or having to uninstall it.

Lenovo hasn't announced the reasoning for their decision, nor why they are only pulling it for their home users and not for others. Not all of their "home" hardware was available with Linux in the first place, and certainly nothing is stopping someone from wiping a machine and putting Linux on it themselves. It could be support issues, it could be pressure from Microsoft - only Lenovo knows at the moment, so hopefully they will make a statement soon. If they cite customer demand, it would be a complete reversal of statements they made last year in which they indicated their customers preferred having the option.