With the fight against DRM focusing so much on PCs, it is easy to forget that the sophisticated consoles of today are also susceptible to it, especially as they all look to provide access to online services. Those who use the PS3 to watch movies are finding out very quickly just how bad and frustrating DRM can be, discovering that Sony has been enforcing very restrictive rules on videos purchased through the Sony Video Store.

As it turns out, the movies can be downloaded only a single time. After that, you're out of luck. A single extra download can be achieved by contacting Sony directly, which they have the gall to call a "courtesy." This means quite plainly that if you should upgrade the hard drive in your PS3, have the console replaced or need to temporarily make room on the unit, you're basically abandoning any "ownership" you had of those movies in the first place.

As the article states and many of us are aware, this is more evidence that the entertainment industry is not content letting you "buy" content - you may pay a "buy" price but you are renting it at best, all thanks to DRM.