Week in and week out, it's not uncommon to have first tier computer manufacturers releasing updates to its laptop lines or even complete overhauls. That sole fact hardly guarantees tons of media attention, unless you are Apple, of course.

For the past few weeks, the Apple hype machine has been hard at work after the rumor came out that major updates for its entire MacBook line - except the newer MB Air - will arrive around mid-October. Apple fans have been drooling ever since, but to top it off a new leaked picture was released last night by a French blog showing the supposed revamp of the MacBook Pro:

The picture could easily be a fake, nevertheless there seems to be somewhat of a consensus on certain features the new MacBook line will carry: Aluminum body for both MacBook and MacBook Pro models, thinner enclosures with lines that resemble those of the MB Air, a black screen bezel in the MacBook Pro, retooling of port configurations, among others.