The fight against spammers and those who push malware and spyware has taken many faces, and resulted in people being taken to court many times. Usually, though, the lawsuits come from the Government, not from individual businesses. That's why this latest lawsuit involving Microsoft is so interesting. Microsoft, partnering with the state of Washington, has decided to take a Texas company to court over their "abuse" of the Messenger service built in to Windows.

The company, who produces "RegistryCleanerXP", is no doubt known by many technicians as nothing more than company selling a fake cure. Not everyone is aware of that, though, and according to Microsoft and the Washington state Attorney General, the company gives customers a "false" sense of security.

The companies are fly-by-night operations, demonstrated by the fact that Microsoft and the state do not even know the identities of many people they are suing. We all know the answer to spyware and malware isn't in the courts, but at least they are trying.