Nintendo Wii owners have been pretty vocal about the console's lack of storage, with it having only 512MB of internal flash memory available for saved games and downloadable content. While the company initially dismissed the need for a larger storage option, it has since backpedaled on that position and promised to work on a solution that's "very linked to [Nintendo's] overall strategy."

Well, speaking at a recent press conference in Japan, Nintendo has finally detailed its plans to address the problem without releasing an external hard drive. Their solution? SD cards. According to the company, a new firmware update scheduled to roll out in Spring 2009 (at least for Japan) will allow users to download and play games straight from an SD card.

Previously, users had to go through the slow and cumbersome process of transferring the games to the Wii's internal memory in order to play them. While this is a small step in the right direction, one has to wonder why Nintendo has waited almost two years to offer a feature that should have been available at launch.