Bethesda doesn't believe in DRM, it seems, or at least that's the consensus following a recent interview with them over Fallout 3. While the company is certainly concerned about piracy, it seems they won't be including bulky DRM with their next big release, Fallout 3. They do mention down the road that they like how Valve has handled things with Steam, and believe that is a more appropriate way to deal with piracy. They believe that not interfering with someone playing the game is a priority, and that will be reflected once the game is released, by having removed anything that is a hindrance to the player - which can include DRM.

There are many companies, such as EA, who claim that DRM is absolutely necessary and that it's impossible to have a game released without it. And yet, despite this, DRM seems to do absolutely nothing to stop piracy, only causing serious headaches for people who purchase legal copies.

I think companies that realize this and have opted not to put bulky DRM on their titles, as Bethesda is doing and has done in the past, should be applauded. For those companies that stick to that believe that DRM is not needed, I hope gamers show them their support. Aside from that, this was an excellent interview - if you are a Bethesda fan, definitely read it.