Asus has been slapping the Eee badge on everything it possibly can - from netbooks to nettops to monitors and LCD TVs - hoping to bank on the wild success of the original low-cost Eee PC. A recent mishap in Japan is not doing much to help the diluting brand, however, with the company issuing a recall of all Eee Box PCs sold in the country due to a virus found on them.

Named "recycled.exe," the virus is located on the D drive partition of the machine and once the user first starts up the system, it copies itself to the master boot drive and any attached drives. According to reports, the virus slows down the system and could attempt to download more dangerous malware from the Internet.

Apparently, the virus originated from a flash drive used for testing and inspection of the systems. The company said it has only sold 300 of 4,500 Eee Box PCs in Japan, and has confirmed that only Eee Box PCs sold into the Japanese market are affected.