It looks like the rumors turned out to be true, at least for the most part. Apple today announced new MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks that are thinner and lighter yet more robust than before thanks to a new manufacturing process for the casing, carved from a solid brick of aluminum.

There's two new MacBooks are available - a 15.4-inch model for $1,599 and a 13.3-inch model for $1,299 - that's on top of the white plastic model which now starts at $999 and a couple of 15.4-inch MacBook Pro models with the base spec starting at $1,999. On the hardware front, Jobs has heavily pushed the Macs' graphics performance with a new integrated part, dubbed the GeForce 9400M, that can be paired with a higher-end 9600M GT in the premium MacBook Pro models.

Other notable features include LED backlit displays, a new multi-touch glass touchpad that will also act as button and is 39% larger than the one on outgoing models, backlit keyboards, a magnetic latch, and improved battery life. Likewise, Apple has updated its MacBook Air notebook, keeping it as skinny as ever but with improved graphics, a faster processor and more storage space.