Apple has come under a legal attack once again, with a lawsuit now aimed at their entire digital music portfolio. Luxpro Corp is suing Apple for "attempted monopolization" of the mp3 market, in addition to unfair competition, illegal tactics and several other nasty things.

Luxpro is claiming that Apple's moves in the mp3 music player market have been with the intent to drive other companies out. They cite an injunction that Apple sought against them in 2006 when they introduced an mp3 player of their own that was intended to compete with the iPod Shuffle. They also cited threatening letters Apple has sent to them, demanding the company pull its mp3 players from the market.

While the injunction was reversed, Luxpro claims further damage was done from other injunctions and pressure from Apple, which resulted in companies like Best Buy and Radio Shack refusing to carry their hardware. This isn't the first time Apple has been accused of being "abusive" in the mp3 player market, and with such a large share suits like this are inevitable.