Back in August there was somewhat of an uproar online after Apple admitted to a previously undisclosed feature that allowed them to remotely remove rogue applications from the iPhone. Well, now that reviews of the G1 are hitting the web, it's been revealed that a similar feature has been implemented by Google - only this time it wasn't discovered by some curious developer.

Google owns up to it from right inside the Android Market terms of service, claiming it reserves the right to remotely remove applications from your device at its sole discretion should it discover a product that violates the developer distribution agreement. Considering Google will not screen Android apps before they're released, the remote kill feature seems reasonable enough, as it is meant to help with security and privacy in the event that some malicious application finds its way onto your mobile device.

Google also says that if it does end up remotely killing a paid application from your Android phone, it will make a "reasonable" effort to get your money back from wherever you bought it from.