Microsoft has yet to unveil the first betas of Windows 7, let alone set an official release date for the operating system, but already we're hearing that Asus plans to introduce touch screen Windows 7 Eee PCs as early as mid 2009 - skipping Vista altogether. Talking to Laptop Magazine, Asus CEO Jerry Shen revealed this and other tidbits on the Eee range.

Shen confirmed the launch of the Eee Top all-in-one touch screen PC at the end of this month, while the Eee Stick motion-sensing controller and compatible games should begin to be bundled with select Eee PC, Eee Box and Eee Top models "soon." He also revealed that new Eee PC form factors are coming next year, promising more details in Q1 (presumably at CES), along with a $250 Eee PC model that appears to rescue their original promise of a low-cost laptop. Check out the complete interview here.