Well, it wasn't long before folks started to rave about how 64-bit processing is gonna bring our gaming to the next level. I am surprised that there's been little before now. Anyway, in what I am sure will be a very welcome move, AMD have been showing off the power of the Athlon 64 with a 64-bit version of Unreal Tournament 2003!

www.vr-zone.com had this little morcel of info:

"AMD has demonstrated the power of their Athlon 64 using the GeForce FX graphics card by running the Unreal Tournament 2003 64-bit Edition on the 64-bit Linux OS. The 64-bit Edition of UT2003 will be available next year when Athlon 64 becomes available (Q2) so gamers look out! Hopefully by then the 64-bit Windows XP will be available too."

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