As users continue to complain about Windows Vista nearly two years after its introduction, Microsoft is getting ready to show off some of the new features found on its Windows 7 successor. The company will hand out a pre-beta build of Windows 7 at PDC tomorrow, but already some early details are coming out about what the build might include.

According to ZDNet's Mary-Jo Foley, new features being offered in the pre-beta version at the show include a self-diagnosis tool for the called Action Center, multi-touch and gesture recognition features, and a "Device Stage" feature that will provide a central location for interacting with pretty much anything you plug into the computer - media players, digital cameras, and so on.

Windows 7 will also include a StreamOn feature that will have something to do with audio and video content, according to Foley, plus a new animation framework, new task bar and shell integration, and the infamous ribbon user interface. Specifics about each new feature are pretty much in the air for now, but that should change when they get announced officially at the conference tomorrow.