Toshiba has announced that it is preparing to launch a new line of single-level cell (SLC) NAND Flash memory products early next year, available in densities of up to 64Gb using 43nm monolithic 16Gb chips, which makes them the highest density NAND chips available according to the company.

SLC chips are said to support a large number of write and erase cycles and offer fast read and write times - in fact, the company claims the new NAND chips will be 2.5 times faster than comparable multi-level cell NAND flash memory.

In recent years, Toshiba has shifted its focus to high density multi-level cell chips for data storage for products like memory cards and MP3 players, whereas its production of SLC chips had been getting a little less attention and until recently was limited to 56nm and 70nm process technologies. In offering a wider range of SLC flash memories, the company aims to expand its selection of products for embedded applications, and hopes to make its way into mobile phones, flat panel TVs, servers and other equipment that require high levels of performance and reliability.