As the Wii approaches its second birthday, Nintendo continues to enjoy a lead over Microsoft and Sony in console sale numbers, which has led them to enjoy profit quarter after quarter. While that lead has recently been threatened by numerous price drops from Microsoft, Nintendo is still doing great, and now the Wii has reached another "milestone." According to Nintendo, the over 34 million Wiis sold in the past two years have managed to outsell lifetime sales of the Nintendo 64.

While it's not terribly impressive to beat a console that you've designed yourself, it's still a mile marker for them and demonstrates how much the company has learned and the reception of their consoles has increased. It also gives them hope - they are selling Wiis at roughly the same rate the PS2's average selling rate since its release has been as well. With over 140 million PS2s in the world, the Wii has a long way to go if it will ever overcome that.