Windows Vista has received its share of criticism for not being able to take full advantage of solid state drives, but that is going to change once Microsoft’s next-generation operating system hits the market. At least according to the software giant, which will provide a briefing titled “Windows 7 enhancements for solid state drives” at the WinHEC conference this week.

The company is expected to talk about file system optimizations as well as overall support for solid-state drives, Windows 7 support for Netbooks and the lifetime of inexpensive SSDs that are used in such devices. Other solid-state drive related talks include one by Seagate, titled “Is your disk drive going away?”, where the company will talk about solid-state drive platforms and hybrid hard disk drives.

Netbooks and solid state drives are definitely two trends that go hand in hand, and given the widespread hardware and software support Microsoft enjoys, Windows 7 might really end up breathing much needed life back into the company’s OS fortunes as of late.