Here is a bit of good news for iPod 3G owners: an official way to use the device as a tethered 3G modem for your laptop is coming soon. There have been rumors that this was in the works for a while, but it was not until today that the head of AT&T Mobility confirmed such at the Web 2.0 internet summit.

Tethering has been a contentious issue ever since the launch of the iPhone 3G, with AT&T reluctant to provide the service perhaps due to the overwhelming influx of traffic it could generate, and Apple notoriously pulling the tethering application NetShare from its store.

It's not clear when AT&T will roll out the service nor is the pricing, though the wireless carrier traditionally charges an additional $30/month for the tethering option on other smartphones. Of course you can also jailbreak your iPhone and get any of a number of tethering applications for free.