The PC version of Far Cry 2 has just received a patch, bringing the game to version 1.01 which includes all sorts of improvements and fixes. In single-player mode, Ubisoft has repaired a few inconsistencies such as the fixed health not changing with the difficulty level, a bug where players get stuck when healing a buddy, and the mortar pushing a player through a wall.

There's a huge host of multiplayer fixes too, fixing crashes and freezing problems, and a handful of improvements to the game in general and to the map editor. The patch is 42MB in size; you can download it or check out the full list of fixes and improvements here.

Likewise, the first Fallout 3 patch has been released, updating Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic role playing gaming to version It’s a much smaller file at just 6.6MB and basically addresses some occasional crashes and problems with restarting the game after title updates finish installing.