Nintendo may be king when it comes to the current-gen console race, but developers and manufacturers also care about something else called “attach rate,” which is essentially the number of games sold per console. According to Gamasutra, which recently pooled data from official numbers published by Nintendo, the Xbox 360 is leading the way in this regard and looks to continue its success in the U.S. with a strong holiday season.

The numbers show that the Xbox 360 currently enjoys the highest ratio at 8.1 games per machine, though of course Microsoft’s console has been on the market for a year longer than its rivals. Comparing all three over its first 23 months on the market, however, the 360 still comes ahead (albeit slightly) with a software tie ratio of 6.5 compared to 5.3 and 5.5 for the PS3 and Wii respectively.

It’s hard to say who is doing best just by looking at these figures, though, so you should take them with a pinch of salt. For example, a system could boast a high attach rate by selling lots of software titles but few hardware units, whereas another can sell just as many games but triple the hardware units and come out with a lower attach rate. Still, the report offers other interesting pieces of information, such as the tie ratio for both first and third-party games on each console.