Exercise gaming is becoming ever more popular following the wild success of Wii Fit, but Electronic Arts is about to take the genre to the next level – or so they claim. The company today announced EA Sports Active, touting a more customizable and personalized fitness product endorsed by fitness experts (which apparently includes Oprah’s personal trainer) with exercises that will appeal to a diverse audience.

The game features twenty sports including cardio boxing and tennis, plus a bunch of calorie counting and fitness training tools. Gamers will have a 30-day fitness roadmap to accurately measure their progress, and 20-minute sessions that will provide a structured workout to target different parts of the body.

EA Sports Active should be priced at $59.99 when it launches next spring, and will come with a resistance band to help build strength and a set of leg straps that wrap around the upper thigh in order to track your leg movements. The Wii Balance Board is not required, but will add functionality to many exercises.