We’ve all faced the frustration of buying a shiny new toy only to find ourselves struggling with a lack of herculean strength – or a toolbox – to get through the packaging. Even worse, over 6,000 U.S. citizens per year make hospital visits because of injuries provoked by opening the potentially dangerous hard plastic shell designed to curb theft.

With that in mind, online retailer Amazon started a campaign earlier this month to abolish the consumer unfriendly plastic packaging in favor of the old-fashioned cardboard box. And while it is relatively easy for them to adopt the new scheme considering they don’t have to deal with shoplifting, even those who sell from shops are coming up with solutions to this seemingly trivial but often infuriating problem.

Microsoft, for instance, has unveiled an unusual container for the Explorer computer mouse it sells at Best Buy stores that is easily opened using a zipper on the side. Meanwhile, Sony has adopted a new method that allows packages to be easily opened but emitting a loud Velcro-like noise intended to deter thieves. Could this be the beginning of the end for clamshell packages? I certainly hope so.