The amount of content available online has risen exponentially the past few years. Any respectable news agency will have at a bare minimum all their articles online, and the overwhelming majority usually offers something more in the venue of live updates, comment sections and more. Thus it's no surprise that more and more, people are relying on the Internet for news and information as opposed to magazines and newspapers.

Some companies are working hard to embrace that, and PC Magazine is one of them. The magazine, which has been in print for nearly 27 years, before the Internet as we know it even existed, has decided to go fully digital at the beginning of next year. Their January 2009 issue will be the very last printed edition. For the people who still subscribed to the paper magazine, the company is offering digital subscriptions as a replacement.

A statement by PCMag outlines numerous reasons why they're switching to an all-digital format, ranging from the greater interactivity it allows, the reduced impact on the environment, ease of distribution and a lot more.