If you use a 64-bit edition of Linux, then you are probably aware that getting Flash support for it can be tricky. As there is no native 32-bit edition of Flash for 64-bit kernels and 64-bit browsers in Linux, the closest you could get was by using wrappers to install the 32-bit version of the plug-in. That's about to change, with Adobe recently announcing and releasing a 64-bit version of Flash for Linux.

Flash 10 was initially released back in May, with the Linux release only slightly delayed from the Windows release. The 64-bit version has been a long time in coming, and with its introduction Linux users are one step closer to a fully 64-bit desktop, something hard to accomplish even on the Windows front.

If you're currently using a 64-bit kernel with Flash 10 installed, you may want to try the now native 64-bit version.