It appears Bethesda is taking the right steps to embrace the modding community, with recent announcements that the company plans to release developer tools before the end of the year. The official Fallout 3 Creation Kit is supposed to be released next month, completely for free, for both the PC and the Xbox 360. Calling it, aptly enough, the G.E.C.K., Bethesda claims they hope people will create their own add-ons. If the response to the construction kit for Morrowind is any indication of how this will fare, we can expect a tidal wave of user-generated content as time goes on.

Bethesda plans to release additional content for the game as well, in the form of three “content packs,” which will be downloadable add-ons for the game. These are not due until after “G.E.C.K.”, with one pack schedule for released every month for the first three months of next year.