Acer seems to be working non-stop after catching up with Dell and HP in the top three slots for notebooks sales worldwide. The Taiwanese manufacturer is now setting its sights on other niche markets with new products coming out next year.

Acer will be seeking to compete with Apple's all-in-one iMac, as well as bringing additional heal on Asus and other netbook vendors with the introduction of competing products in both categories. For the former, Acer is looking to release a low-cost, simple desktop, on par with the iMac or Asus Eee Top. While details are still scarce, the device is rumored to be sporting a Core 2 Quad processor, hinting that the unit won't be light on performance.

In the ultra mobile category, Acer will be releasing another sub-notebook that won't directly compete in the current netbook price range, but above that of the Acer Aspire One. This one is rumored to come equipped with a 320GB HDD, which suggests it won't be shipping with the Windows XP for embedded devices, but probably Windows Vista.