AMD has made an update to their processor roadmap for next year, adding onto it a new chipset that will be aimed at the “entry-level” market. The new 760G chipset, based on the existing 780G architecture, will be an integrated graphics chipset that'll have native support for DirectX 10, putting it on the level with other IGP parts currently available. It won't have some of the fancier video technologies AMD has access to, like UVD, which make their integrated Radeon chipsets fairly robust as far as integrated graphics goes. It'll also lack Hybrid CrossFireX for plugging into a separate graphics card, HDMI, and Display Port support.

The chipset will be the successor to the existing 740G, so nobody is expecting it to shine upon release – but it'll still be a cheap option for those who are very money-conscious. Future Radeon-based IGP units are planned for next year as well, but will not likely compete directly with this one.