Right now there’s just one mobile phone based on the open source Android platform Google developed, the T-Mobile G1, but that could change in a big way next year with the recent addition of 14 new members to the Open Handset Alliance behind the platform. The new additions include heavyweights Sony Ericsson, Vodafone, ARM, Asus, and Garmin International.

These new members are planning to deploy Android-based devices and/or to contribute to the ongoing project. For instance, ARM will add its OpenMax DL libraries to Android while Asus, Sony Ericsson and other members pledged to build Android-powered handsets and MIDs in 2009 and beyond. The new OHA memberships are a clear indication that Android is here to stay for years to come. However, even with this kind of industry wide support, the year old platform still faces an uphill battle against more established players such as Microsoft, Nokia, RIM and Apple.