X-bit is reporting that ATI and some of its partners have started selling Radeon 9500 64MB graphics cards around the globe, so expect to see retail boards on store shelves later this week.

I just checked pricegrabber and no distributors had cards in stock yet; prices also seem a bit exagerated for the time being around $180. If you are wondering how these cards will perform, the Firingsquad and Beyond3D have posted their first impressions on a cards based on this chip.

Don't expect anything spectacular though, the cards seem to deliver more punch than the low-end Radeon 9000 Pro but lag behind the Ti4200s which are already being offered for less money; don't be tricked by the foolish names, the real Titanium killers will come in the form of the Radeon 9500 'Pro' (in the value sector) and the vanilla Radeon 9700 (non-Pro) in the high-end.