After the world saw the initial success of the Eee, dozens of vendors jumped in to offer their own netbooks, putting pressure on Asus. Some of them, like Acer, have been successful with their own models, making Asus reconsider their market strategy. The company has plans to revamp the Eee lineup next year, starting with the removal of the 7-inch model, and added focus into the “in-between” 8.9” and 10.2” units.

Upcoming upgrades we've known for a few weeks include the adoption of 3G technology in Eee netbooks. Other hardware upgrades like faster CPUs and bumping up the 1GB memory limit are to be expected, though the latter is not their entire fault as this is a requirement that Microsoft has put on vendors. Even though the Eee PC has brightly shined during its introduction years, can Asus continue to expect that kind of success with the amount of competition they have now? Furthermore, is there a real market for netbooks in the long run? Something tells me we will get more definitive answers a year from now.