If recent rumors are anything to go by, Dell is preparing the release of a brand new “Adamo” notebook computer that will aim squarely at taking some of that MacBook Air market share. Although Dell has not made an official statement about the product, Engadget claims a “totally amazing” source has confirmed the black and silver laptop will be both lighter and thinner than Apple’s offering.

No further details were given other than it will be marketed as the world's thinnest laptop sometime around February. The New York Times also speculates that the Adamo notebook will arrive as an ultra-thin portable system, and infuses their claims with a little credibility by referencing the nervous body language of Dell executive Michael Tatelman when asked about them making a laptop to compete with the MacBook Air.

Whatever the case may be, all we know is that Adamo is definitely coming, as evidenced by Dell giving it its own website featuring only the name and the words “coming soon.” But what exactly Adamo will be is still subject to a fair amount of speculation. Perhaps we’ll learn more about it at CES next month.