OCZ may be planning to release their 12GB memory kit soon, with their Gold-series and Platinum series 12GB PC3 kits now being officially listed for retail. The kits are going to be aimed at the Core i7 platform, and it appears that they will be triple-channel kits operating at 1333MHz each, with the only difference between the two being latency. They are coming in at a very high premium, with the Platinum kit costing more than what a GeForce GTX 295 is expected to.

Where is the inherent advantage of having such a massive quantity of RAM? Even for an enthusiast and avid gamer, the practicality of 12GB of RAM is limited at absolute best. Having a 64-bit operating system installed is much more common these days, but having a single game or app that can take advantage of that much RAM is not. As OCZ caters primarily to enthusiasts and gamers, one might think there's no use yet for a 12GB kit from them. It does, however, offer future-proofing. Three years ago, 4GB of RAM was for the most part a waste for gamers. Now it's a stock option even on some mainstream laptops and many avid gamers consider it to be the sweet spot.