OCZ introduced a new high-end memory kit this week, announcing their “Blade Series” triple channel memory product, designed for the Core i7 platform. The Blade Series kits runs at high speeds with relatively low latencies, specifically DDR3-2000 speeds and latencies of 7-8-7. The modules will use the low voltage required for the Core i7 platform and have a peak memory bandwidth of 35GB/sec. OCZ has a product page for the as of yet unreleased modules, and more information about the release here.

The modules are going to be demoed at CES 2009, with retail availability shortly thereafter. Lower latencies and higher clock speeds are much more important to enthusiasts than very large quantities of RAM, so these units running at DDR3-2000 should be more than adequate with their total 6GB size at 2GB per module. Most triple-channel kits announced this year were 6GB in size, which makes things easier on the manufacturers as they have to do very little to make existing 2GB modules work. While OCZ may be planning to release 12GB kits as well, I think their focus is best spent on the faster but smaller memory kit, where it can benefit gamers the most.