When a new generation of processors comes out, it's usually the bigger motherboard manufacturers that are first on the block to support them with expensive boards and impressive spec sheets. This time it is ECS, better known for their practical budget boards, who is a step ahead of the pack with the announcement of their first AM3 motherboard. The A790GXM-AD3 Black Series motherboard will be oriented around the AM3 platform, using DDR3 memory. The board will support DDR3 speeds up to 1333MHz and capacities up to 32GB, utilize the 790GX chipset, support CrossFire and otherwise be exactly what you'd expect from a first-release AM3 board.

ECS will be using 5-phase power for the board, and on top of supporting CrossFire with dual x16 PCI Express slots, the board will also include an HD3300 integrated GPU, supporting Hybrid Graphics. While not providing any performance benefit to gamers, both of these technologies do provide a way to cut back on power consumption, the latter when the system isn't being stressed.

But is ECS jumping the gun too much here? It's going to be at least two more months before the new line of AMD CPUs see the light of the day, and it's entirely possible that something could happen between now and then to delay the release of AM3 CPUs even further.