The BD+ copy protection scheme of Blu-ray discs was intentionally designed to be extensible, so that when a version was inevitably cracked, upgrades could be issued to thwart users from making backup copies of their movies. The original method of securing discs was made available in the summer of 2007 and compromised by a company named SlySoft in March 2008.

A slightly changed version of the BD+ protection suffered the same fate shortly thereafter and now a third version, released only a month ago, has been once again cracked by the SlySoft crew. According to the company, the latest AnyDVD HD - originally expected to be released in February - gives users the ability to decrypt copy protection on all Blu-ray movies currently available. This marks yet another chapter in an ongoing cat and mouse game between movie studios and SlySoft.

In conjunction with the celebration, the firm is also reminding everyone that it will be moving to a subscription-based update program starting next year, which means no more free lifetime updates after that.