Friended by Mom and Dad on Facebook The Facebook group entitled "For the love of god -- don't let parents join Facebook" has 5,819 high school and college-aged members who want to stop the growing number of parents who are joining Facebook, the massively popular social networking site, from "spying" on them. ABC News.

Apple's next-gen Mac mini to get dual display support Those familiar with the company's plans say the small form factor desktop will have both the Mini DisplayPort connector first introduced on unibody MacBooks but also a Mini DVI connector. Apple Insider.

Microsoft Readies Cost-Cuts; Though Massive Layoff Unlikely Rumors of a broad workforce reduction at the world's largest software maker have been swirling since a blog post last week purported to show that Microsoft was preparing to lay off as many as 15,000 employees, or 17 percent of its workforce. MSNBC.

Creative Labs Touts “Stemcell Computing” with Zii Technology Creative promises a revolution with its Zii and claims that that everything ever known “is about to change”, however, it does not reveal what exactly Zii is. Xbit Labs.

Samsung to unveil 7mm thick TV at CES Samsung Electronics plans to unveil a flat-panel TV that's as thin as just 6.5-millimeters at this week's International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, it said Sunday. Network World.

Will This Bold Shakeup Save Dell? The computer maker is struggling, but CEO Michael Dell's latest cost cuts, layoffs, and reorganizations may be steps in the right direction Business Week.