Rumors about Steve Jobs’ declining health have been doing the rounds for months, following recent Apple news conferences where he appeared noticeably thinner. This inevitably became a matter of concern to investors, who see Jobs as critical to the company’s future, but the Apple executive is finally moving to end speculation about his health and ability to lead the company.

In an open letter issued today, Jobs has announced that his weight loss problem is due to a hormone imbalance, rather than the resurgence of pancreatic cancer, and has insisted that he has no plans to step down as Apple chief executive. Apparently, abnormalities in his glucose and protein metabolism caused the weight loss problem but the remedy for this nutritional issue is “relatively simple and straightforward.”

He also said treatment will enable him to regain his weight by spring and concluded by saying he does not intend to speak about this issue publicly again – after all he has a right to privacy. Nevertheless, until there's a clear succession plan in place as to who will succeed Jobs when he leaves Apple, speculation and rumors will continue to run rife.