HP has announced the Mini 2140, an Intel Atom refresh to last year’s Mini-Note 2133 based on the 1.2-GHz Via C7-M processor. Starting at 2.6 pounds and $499, this netbook will feature the 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor, an all-aluminum case similar to that of its predecessor, and a range of storage options that include standard hard drives up to 160GB in size and solid-state drives up to 80GB.

With the update, the screen also got a bump in size, going from 8.9 inches to a 10.1 inch panel with a 1366 x 768 resolution. Both three cell and six cell batteries will be available, which should supposedly be good for up to four and eight hours on the go, respectively – a vast improvement over the 2133 attributed to the platform switch.

Other features of the Mini 2140 include a nearly full size QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi certified WLAN, Bluetooth 2.0, VGA Webcam and several protection schemes to enhance the physical life of this small form laptop, such as the accelerometer-based drop protection for the hard drive. Expect to see this one in store shelves by the end of the month.