OCZ is readying new hardware aimed at gamers, with the introduction of new mice and keyboards with high sensitivities and unique features. On the mice front, OCZ is introducing a 2400DPI unit called Eclipse. It has a bigger brother, in terms of both DPI and size, in the OCZ Behemoth. This mouse, physically large, has an impressive sensitivity of 3200DPI, along with five inputs, adjustable cabling and adjustable weights. Despite its very large size, OCZ claims it has been designed with comfort in mind.

As far as keyboards go, OCZ is introducing “The Illuminati” keyboard, which is a backlit keyboard. While some may debate the merits of a backlit keyboard with adjustable brightness, it can be handy when getting things done in a dark room or in dark areas, like a LAN party. The second keyboard introduced is even fancier, with the “Sabre” being adorned with nine user-programmable OLED keys along with onboard flash memory. All four of these devices look quite fancy, and while probably still carrying a hefty OCZ price tag, the programmable LED keyboard is for sure going to be one of the cheapest currently on the market.